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Born and also raised within London, he earned the 1st class diploma and an MBA prior to creating the thriving career as a good investment banker in a quantity of the world's greatest corporations.

Media captionJerry Parkes explains why he produced your move

He were built together with a great job and a great lifestyle in London, but still felt the actual have to transfer back for you to Ghana whilst even now in his productive years as well as make a contribution there.

He wanted to reconnect with family members within Ghana, but also had concerns about beginning their own family in the UK.

"The primary factor in which pushed me away was just certainly not sensation like I could genuinely have kids there, as their identity might be questioned.

It would happen for you to be challenging to predict a new flow in this direction two decades ago.

"London isn't as warm, within terms of friendliness.

Kobia Graham (lecturer) The developing number of young specialists born within the UK tend to be choosing to migrate for you to Africa. Issues tend for you to be much better now compared for you to five or 10 years ago, and also folks are beginning to see the opportunities inside Ghana", the lady says.

When "DJ Kobby" isn't relocating a crowd together with music, he's Kobina Graham - a cultural studies lecturer in the Ashesi university within Accra.

He also believes that within the extended run, moving back for you to Ghana will convey more financial return pertaining to him in contrast in order to staying in London.

"I keep inside mind sometimes getting on a bus and just not really sensation any feeling of community or perhaps welcome; I don't miss in which with all.

Nancy Kacungira:

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Ugandan TV journalist Nancy Kacungira won the initial BBC world news Komla Dumor Award with regard to Africa-based journalists.

On a normal party night, DJ Kobby is found in one of the hottest bars throughout Accra, revealing some of the skills he honed with clubs inside North London.

But overall, he feels that shifting back for you to Ghana ended up being the right decision.

Some regarding people who go back furthermore face significant lifestyle changes; power outages, poor roads, inefficient healthcare systems, or even a high price regarding carrying out enterprise can easily almost all end up being daunting. Nancy Kacungira went to meet a few to locate out why.

While Mr Graham might have moved primarily for family, his occupation prospects in addition got any boost.

Media captionKobina Graham explains why he left London with regard to Ghana

"I've had the opportunity to check out a whole lot more than I feel such as I could have completed in the UK, I've additionally been able to get into the work marketplace here at a higher level."

Mr Graham isn't on the own in his thinking.

Whether it is actually the push of tougher conditions abroad or the pull of the far better economic situation back again home, a lot more younger Ghanaian experts are earning the particular decision to go back with their roots - and select Africa.

There are items about the UK that Mr Graham can miss.

The "brain drain" phenomenon hit the West African nation especially tough within the well being sector - more Ghanaian doctors labored overseas as compared to within Ghana.

"The concept that someone could arrive approximately all of them as well as say: 'Are you British?' that worried me."

While he blends inside well using the neighborhood crowd as well as speaks the local language, he has been born, raised as well as educated in the UK.

"To believe that Jerry, sitting within an office in London, by simply moving again to end up being able to Ghana could produce this number of work and in addition have this kind of impact is actually amazing," he told me.

For many youthful people, the occupation in the UK as well as US remains the dream - yet Mr Parkes feels that he's achieved much more by simply moving back.

"I felt which London had been sort of grim in the time, it has been not exactly a property associated with opportunity".

Mr Parkes says his standard involving living features improved significantly since he moved back to Ghana - he lives much less than a five-minute drive coming from home, decides his or even the girl own routine and it has a lot more time to invest together with his family.

"I enjoy the particular proven fact that here, I'm not made to become able to really feel like a stranger."

Despite getting graduated along with a pair of degrees via universities inside London, obtaining a great job 10 years ago proved really difficult; any challenge that will provoked him to begin out thinking about some other alternatives.

Mr Awumbila says the picture is actually quite distinct now.

How Ghana features reversed exodus regarding nurses

The outflow involving experts offers reduced - as well as whereas it employed to become just the older, retired members in the diaspora which came back in order to Ghana, the particular youthful and furthermore the skilled are now returning too.

"I in absolutely no way quit contemplating how far more impact might be been in Africa if a lot more diasporans choose to maneuver again as well as do what they've been educated to do, what they're experienced at doing, inside your continent," he told me.

Many younger as well as skilled African immigrants have got gone or are usually heading back for their homelands, particularly from north America and also Western Europe.

Jerry Parkes is an additional one of these returnees.

He acknowledges that lots of other people have made the move.

Mr Parkes decided to steer clear of naysayers by simply not right away enabling people recognize that he has been moving again permanently - he allowed these to feel he had been in holiday so long as possible.

A widespread joke ended up being that will Ghanaian healthcare students sat his or her exams having an air ticket within their back pocket - ready to depart your country.

The number of these returning could always be growing, nevertheless it will be still a choice in which could be met with scepticism, particularly by simply friends and also family who visit a excellent existence abroad as some thing to carry about to. .

This return associated with experts to their house country to take good factor about new growth and job opportunities may be termed "Reverse migration" and, anecdotally, is really a trend around the increase in many elements of Africa.

Friendships built over many years, plus a diverse entertainment scene are generally a couple of associated with the ones he mentions.

"We're beginning to observe that critical mass of expertise returning."

It's not just concerning the impact either.

"A lot of Ghanaians had furthermore returned home prior in my experience arriving, as well as were starting to do quite interesting items inside the actual neighborhood economy.

Mr Parkes moved back again for you to Accra six years ago as well as now runs his own investment fund, supporting ten companies and creating more than 600 jobs. That can be estimated that will among ten and also 20% regarding Ghana's population inside the mid-1990s lived abroad.

Ghana has a population regarding around 25 million, together with over a new million along with a half living abroad.

Why I can't tell 'the African story'

He describes his reasons for choosing to maneuver back to become able to Accra as "push as well as pull factors". Mostly highly skilled professionals within their thirties as well as early forties. Difficult statistics tend to be difficult to occur across, but Professor Mariama Awumbila, a migration scholar in the University Or College regarding Accra confirms the particular pattern.

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Your "brain drain" meant more Ghanaian doctors labored overseas as compared to inside Ghana

"We're starting to view a trend of the younger Ghanaians coming back